My Art

My art is an extension of my drive for integrity in every aspect of my life. Why would I create with plastic-based paints, toxic materials and create waste when I could do it more naturally?

I use natural pigments and mix them into home-made milk paint in my studio. I create with fallen, foraged materials, collected when I’m out walking.

I work intuitively. It feels like play. I try things out. I create without any pressure – I just do whatever takes my fancy…until I find what wants to be expressed.

Whilst doing this I slow down. It’s a time that helps me make sense of the world, to process my experiences and emotions.

As I do so I get in touch with the tender parts of myself. I hope that by creating from this space I can also touch and be in touch with the tender parts of everyone around me.

I’ve written a book on natural paint, which has been published in ebook form and print. I’ve got a blog here, where I share the thought-processes behind my pieces along with the view from my conscious, integrity-led life. You can also find me on Instagram,