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Explorations in Natural Paint:

a guide to creating art with natural materials


Do you want to create art naturally?
Looking for a a deeper connection with nature through your painting?
Want to move away from shop-bought materials with their potentially toxic ingredients?


“I love this book! It looks terrific and is set out very well.

There is loads of information that is carefully

and logically explained with plenty of tips”

Jill at www.instagram.com/ridgestitch

Explorations in Natural Paint will walk you through how to set up a studio working with natural pigments and non-plastic based home-made paint.

Over the course of a year, I switched my art practise from factory-made, plastic-based acrylic to natural pigments and home-made milk paint. This book shares with you how I did it, my knowledge of natural pigments and binders (including my recipes) and the tricks and techniques I learnt along the way.

The information in this 50+ page inspiring and practical book includes:

– How to set up a natural studio.

– Everything you need to know about natural pigments.

– Options for making your own paint.

– Step-by-step guides to making natural paints with binders like milk, egg and animal hide glue.

– Where to source materials.

– How to embrace the natural world in your creative practice.

“Exactly what I was looking for in terms

of an introductory guide to nontoxic and natural painting.”

Kylie Byrd at www.instagram.com/kylie_byrd

Check out the videos below to have a look!

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Alison faith Kay

I am an artist
who creates with
foraged nature,
natural pigments &
hand-made paint.

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