Natural Joy – Our Simple Wedding

At the end of August this year, my honey, Rob, and I got married in Mayfair Registry Office in central London. It was a day of such joy.


We live simply and naturally and we wanted our wedding to be a reflection of that.


We chose Mayfair as it was a few minutes from the spot we had first met. We invited just a few family and friends. We took the train to London in the morning and walked across Green Park to get to the venue. During the ceremony, Rob played a song he wrote for me just a few weeks after we started going out.


I wore a cotton dress we’d bought a few weeks before in the sale, flat leather sandals, no make up and let my hair (which I decided to pin up using grips from my pocket 5-minutes before the ceremony) be its natural grey.


We picked up some flowers from the stall at Victoria Station that morning. Our rings were hand-carved from the same naturally-fallen ancient elm in Scotland.


After the ceremony we walked across London to eat at Tibits, the restaurant that is our favourite haunt in London.


Our son, Gabriel, was with us. He’d had emergency bowel surgery at St Thomas’ Hospital in London just 3 weeks before the wedding. In fact, we’d cancelled the original date to be with him.

The three of us

The joy to have him recovering well and with Rob and I was off the charts.



  1. We got married in a registry office in the very unglamorous Shepton mallet in Somerset, we didn’t tell anyone not even the children and two people we knew vaguely came along as witnesses and took a few pics. After getting married we went to a pub just the 2 of us and had a pub lunch then went to school to pick up the kids. Ours is a relationship based on friendship and a deep understanding of each other’s needs and beliefs. We have been married 12 years in Sept. you look lovely in your photo too xx

    1. Sounds like my sort of wedding. I’ve had 2 and this one was very different to my first. There’s something so special about having a beautiful, private bond.

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