Making Friends with Pain…

Physical pain has come to meet me many times in my life and the last few days it’s here again. I’ve hurt my neck and shoulders.

Having had muscular-skeletal problems since I was a child, I know this could well be with me for many, many months. I’m hypermobile and when I break, I usually break bad.

But I also know that so often bouts of pain have had gems inside waiting for me. Life lessons that I just wouldn’t listen to otherwise; changes of course that were so very needed. Going through them I have become a little better, calmer, more me.

I don’t believe things happen for a reason…

But I do believe there is so much to learn from ‘negative’ things that happen in our lives.

The key for me is to stop fighting them.

To breathe, to accept and to love.

So I strive to make friends with the pain, to welcome the anger, frustration, sadness, disappointment and fear I feel. To sit with them at the table and to listen to what they have to teach.

And to treat myself gentle, kindly; with love.

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