For My Son

12 months in the making; mineral pigments, home-made milk paint, upcycled wrapping paper, crushed egg-shell, re-purposed recycled cotton rag paper and milk glue.

I didn’t know when I started this piece 12 months ago that it was going to be an underwater scene, let alone that it’d have pride of place in my toddler son Gabriel’s bedroom.

And as I stand and look at it now, I think of the many, many moments that went into it – mixing paint, cutting tiny squares of paper, crushing egg-shells, outlining fish. And I think of our life that went on whilst it was becoming – my son growing from one-and-a-half to two-and-a-half, the laughter, the tears, the toys, the words, the walks, the learning, the games.

May I, for many years, whenever I catch a glimpse of this piece of joy on his bedroom wall, be reminded of every precious moment I have been gifted to share with my beautiful son.

angel fish with seaweed
general side view


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Alison faith Kay

I am an artist
who creates with
foraged nature,
natural pigments &
hand-made paint.

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