My Natural Paint Starter Kit – What’s in it?

Many people tell me that they’d love to paint more naturally and ask me about my paint.

So, to make it easy for people who want to paint more ‘greenly’ and to share my passion, I decided to make a Natural Paint Starter Kit!

This way, you can dip your toes (or, more accurately, your fingers!) in the world of painting naturally, with my experience as a guide.

Here’s the kit:


It includes:

Five non-toxic natural pigments – yellow, blue, green, red and burgundy
Milk-based binder in the form of casein and borax powder
Full instructions on how to make the binder, prepare the natural pigments and mix the paint.
Tips and tricks for your practice

Some interesting facts about the kit and ingredients:

 – The pigments are non-toxic and made from elements found naturally.

 – The binder is made of casein and borax, and is water-soluable, which is beneficial for both flexibility when applying and ease of clean up. Casein is the protein found in milk. Borax is more commonly known as the mineral Boron, which some people use to supplement their diet. Toxnet studies have shown it to have a similiar profile to baking soda and salt. It is not carcinogenic, it doesn’t penetrate the skin well and neither does it build up in the body.

– At every stage of putting together the kit I wanted it to have the smallest realistic environmental footprint. The pigments are housed in recycled plastic containers (please reuse and recycle them) and the packaging is made of recycled card, including old cereal boxes.

– The label on the front was made using the exact pigments you’ll find inside.

– Once you’ve made the binder, it’ll last up to 6 weeks in the fridge and with it you can make up to 300ml of natural paint.

If you’d like to order a kit for yourself, or as a fun gift for someone you love, you can find it here.

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