Do You See What I See?

My finished piece, Bottlebrush, is up on our living room wall.

My friend came over recently and went to look at it.

As she enjoyed all the colours and lines, she said that, to her, each squiggle looked like a sketch-like figure drawing. The kind of quick impression you’d make to outline and interpret a form.

That surprised me and made me smile.

Because I don’t see that at all.

I see an excitable bunch of child-like seeds squealing. They are having fun – covered in colour and spreading it everywhere. The piece is a bundle of joy and play to me.

It fascinates me how we all see such different things in art. And how, frankly, we can all be so beautifully unique in this world.

And the bottlebrush plant and its seeds, wow, that’s beautifully unique. I can’t help sharing some more shots with you:




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Alison faith Kay

I am an artist
who creates with
foraged nature,
natural pigments &
hand-made paint.

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